Together we share almost 40 years of Tourism & Hospitality experience of which 15 has been Sales & Marketing focused. Our team strength lies in our complementing skillset ….We are the perfect blend of experience and modern expertise, and it just does not get better than that!

Socially Together

Sam Chatham

My name is Samantha … but most know me as Sam. I come from a traditional hospitality background, where after hands on training in the UK, spent many years working in senior hotel management roles both overseas and here in SA. During this time, I found that my happy place lay more within the Sales & marketing department of the hotel business. This was long before anyone even knew how to even spell the word Instagram of course … we are talking old school, pounding pavements era! Fast forward and ten years ago, I took the brave step to start my own Sales and Marketing consultancy – Somewhere SOUTH – Hospitality Solutions, where I took time to learn the digital and newly introduced social media side of the business, whilst not forgetting the importance of face to face personal relationships of course. Luckmore joined the team almost 5 years ago … we realised there was an increasing need for affordable, measurable, digital marketing support…….

Socially Together is now ready to fill this gap

Social Media marketing

Lucky Fadzi

My name is Luckmore or Lucky if you prefer and I am what you might call a self-confessed techno geek …. Everything that screams technology, social media, modern trends and statistics is my territory. I am a 24 year old Zimbabwean and proud to possess a wide range of skills that are vital in making any brand stand out on the very varied platforms available. Being born during the modern, millennial era - digital is really the only way I know! I Joined Sam at Somewhere SOUTH-Hospitality Solutions shortly after matriculating, where the addition of my mostly self-taught knowledge and expertise soon added immense value to the services we were able to offer our clients. Over the last almost 5 years, I have continued to move with the times, keeping abreast of the latest online happenings and learning new skills at every opportunity …

Socially Together is the next chapter in my Journey and cannot wait to share my digital world with you!

We have taken old school values and combined with new world communication. The real truth is that we no longer have a choice whether we do social media these days… the question is how well we do it !

Let us show you how!

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