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The best ways to engage your hotel’s followers on Facebook

Facebook is the main social platform and what makes it powerful is different type of ways you can speak to your followers keep your page fun with constant fresh content. Your posts can be informative, fun, drive traffic to your website or showcase your hotel features and service.

1. Loosen up – Explore and have fun with how you interact with the followers
You’re not meant to always post about strictly the hotel and what you offer in a direct and obvious way. Have fun and try out different angles and approach. There is no rule against posting light funny stuff that is not directly selling your hotel, just always try to make it relevant with the industry or area. You could post about activities or events in the area or even just a simple poll asking your fans to choose between the sea view or the mountain view of your room.

2. Use videos regularly
When it comes to hotels people want to almost have a preview of the place and picture themselves there. Videos are the perfect type of content for this…Your video should focus on things most of your past visitors have raved about, believe me they know best! In the modern era social media has taken off and people are constantly taking pictures of their experiences, make sure your most ‘instagrammable’ areas in the hotel are also featured in the videos. Do you have an amazing pool ? Or maybe your hotel overlooks stunning sea views ? Let them imagine all the pictures they could take and memories they could make!


3. Encourage Engagement
There is certain content that encourages your followers to engage with you. Asking their opinion, question, polls or fun content that sparks communication. Don’t be afraid to show your personality, social media is just that….social! One thing most people get wrong is using Facebook entirely as a selling or promotional platform. The cool factor of social media is the fact that it lets you promote your page without being overly promotional. Show how great your staff is, amazing surroundings and happy guests through great pictures. They will do all the talking for you.


The best ways to engage your hotel’s followers on Instagram

Over 1 billion people use Instagram on a monthly basis! It has become a powerhouse of digital marketing and a platform most travellers use to inspire their next trips and share their holiday moments. One of the perfect industries for Instagram is Hospitality, it really isn’t a question whether you should be on Instagram or not.

1. Quality is key
Instagram is known for hosting beautiful, high-quality, images, that’s what people to expect. This isn’t a site for blurry, and poor quality photos, in fact these tend to have the reverse effects. Rather not post at all than post poor quality content. Put thought and effort into the images you post of your hotel on Instagram. If you don’t, what will audiences be thinking about your property?

2. Instaworthy moments
What makes Instagram really amazing is that most of the time your guests actually do the marketing for you. Its a platform that people share their moments, trips and all the nice things on. Your job as a hotel to get the most out of this with every guests is to create instaworthy moments at your hotel. The more you create the more your guests will rave about you and post you on social media. Is your presentation and design visually appealing ? Does it make someone want to share that with their friends ? A corridor, stairs or food don’t have to be standard, add a cool factor that will encourage someone to capture the moment!


3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags can make your posts more discoverable, and since Instagram users tend to use them a lot, there’s really no shame in loading up your posts with them.

You must be strategic in the way you use them. Your main hashtags would revolve around what someone would search if they’re trying to search your hotel, area, activities etc. You can then put a few more specific about the picture you posted, is it food ? What type food ? You can also keep on the look out for trendy hashtags within your industry that you can use.



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